Five Questions with Fr. Mark Chesnut

Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018 -- On Friday, Oct. 19 and Saturday, Oct. 20, Christ the King Spiritual Life Center in Greenwich, N.Y. will host “Transformed: An Inner Healing Conference.” The two-day event begins Friday at 7 p.m. and ends with a healing service on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. Conference Coordinator Fr. Mark Chesnut shares an overview.

Fr Mark Chesnut

What is inner healing?
Christian inner healing is a unique form of prayer and prayer ministry that attempts to free people from the negative emotional and spiritual effects of prior traumatic experiences. It uses various prayer techniques that encourage people to acknowledge and remember past hurtful situations and visualize Jesus with them at that moment, bringing healing to those memories.

Talk about the upcoming inner healing conference
Our conference will teach those scarred by harmful experiences in their lives such as the loss of a parent, childhood abuse or post-traumatic stress from military combat about inner healing and show them how to minister to those affected through prayer and prayer counseling. We will also minister to attendees who have been wounded and help them remedy any peripheral damage that has been caused by that wounding.

Who are the conference speakers?
Judith MacNutt, president of Christian Healing Ministries, is the event’s keynote speaker. She will introduce inner healing and talk about healing for addictions and trauma. MacNutt, who has dedicated her life to helping those bound by hurt, pain and trauma, will also teach attendees how to pray for others and how to be sensitive to those who are suffering from trauma. Paul Caprera, a clinical psychologist from Delmar who specializes in trauma, will also speak from a clinical perspective about how to deal with trauma, provide examples of what trauma can do, and offer productive ways to respond to trauma in our lives. Additionally, the Rev. Frank Lockwood, who works full time in addiction counseling at Belvedere Addiction Services in Albany, N.Y., will talk about the effects of suffering from trauma, as well as how many people take to drugs, alcohol, and medication to get away from the pain, shame, and suffering.

Tell us about Christ the King Spiritual Life Center
Christ the King Spiritual Life Center is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany. We are located in Washington County at the edge of Greenwich and Easton beside the Vermont border. Our property encompasses 612 acres with a private 36-acre lake, several ponds, a nature preserve and natural wetland, miles of trails, and outdoor activities for all seasons. Christ the King is a place where people come to pray, to grow closer to Jesus Christ, and to experience community in an environment of natural beauty and living faith. Christ the King incorporates a variety of ministries with a common mission on one location.

What is the fee to attend and how can people register?
The conference fee is $95 (through 10/1), $115 (10/2-10/18) and $135 (day of event). For more information and to view the full conference schedule, please visit Additional information can also be obtained by calling (518) 692-9550 ext. 112 or 201.