PODCAST: Pharmacy, Law School Grad Shares Advice About Finding Right Fit with An Employer

Monday, Feb. 22, 2021 -- Graduating from either pharmacy or law school is an admirable achievement. Graduating from both is a rare accomplishment! That’s just what Scott Terrillion ’85 did, despite having more than a few people advising him against it.


In this episode of Occupation Station, which we produce for ACPHS, Terrillion talks about why he made such an unusual move. He says his education at ACPHS prepared him to take on the new challenge of law school by teaching him about the scientific method, understanding logic and problem solving.

Drawing on his experience at places like Boehringer Ingelheim and Cara Therapeutics, where he is now general counsel, secretary and chief compliance officer, Terrillion shares advice about finding the right fit with an employer to maximize both your talents and your desire to grow.

He also notes the many ways pharmacists are in prime positions to make big career moves.