Saratoga Seniors Make Code Blue Scarf Donation

Residents of The Summit at Saratoga’s Social Knitting and Crocheting Club donated 70 scarves and an array of non-perishable items to Code Blue Saratoga Friday, Jan. 26. The scarves, which were knitted and made from fleece material, were part of the nationwide “Share a Scarf” drive in which volunteers make scarves for the homeless and leave them tied to trees in parks or urban areas for people who need them. Code Blue Saratoga, which is located at the Soul Saving Station (62 Henry Street), provides temporary unrestricted shelter to individuals ages 19-72 who are homeless during periods of hazardous winter weather, including sleeping accommodations, meals, and essential supplies. It has sheltered 91 individuals this winter. “We are really grateful for these donations, as they help to keep our budget under control,” said Cheryl Ann Murphy-Parant, director, Code Blue Saratoga. “Anything that we can receive in kind prevents us from having to go out and shop for these items.” For those interested in making a donation, Code Blue Saratoga is seeking coffee, drink mix, paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper and plastic silverware, as well as volunteers. Learn more at 

Code Blue