NYS Seniors Set to Showcase Athletic Skills at 9/27 Senior Olympics in Guilderland

GUILDERLAND CENTER, N.Y. (Sept. 19, 2017) — More than 60 seniors from several New York state nursing facilities operated by The Grand Healthcare System will gather at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing in Guilderland (428 NYS 146, Altamont) Wednesday, Sept. 27 to take part in the 2nd annual Senior Olympics.

Senior Olympics

The inspirational sporting event, which will run from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., will include competition in a multitude of sports and games, including basketball, table bowling, horseshoes, frisbee toss, cornhole and golf putting on the facility’s recently installed three-hole therapeutic putting green.

“The purpose of the Senior Olympics is to create one large event that brings all of our residents together from each of our New York facilities,” said Jeremy B. Strauss, CEO of the Queens-based The Grand Healthcare System. “Research shows that social support plays a key role in overall health as people age. By bringing everyone together, we are not only providing our seniors with the chance to interact with one another, but also enjoy stimulating fun physical and mental activities.”

The day will get underway with local veterans raising the stars and stripes and singing the national anthem. Following the day’s competition, which is designed to accommodate residents who are mobile, as well as those in wheelchairs, a medal ceremony will be held honoring the participants. Trophies will be awarded to the winner of each game, as well as the Senior Olympics’ overall winner.

“Residents have been training hard over the past month for this event,” said Jim Connolly, administrator, The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Guilderland. “Each facility has held special training days where residents have had the chance to hone their skills and practice the sports in which they will be competing.”

“The winter and summer Olympics are much more than quadrennial competitions. They are events where athletes come together to celebrate life and the human spirit,” added Strauss. “It is our goal to replicate that special experience for our residents.”

The Grand Healthcare System is one of New York’s leading healthcare companies. The company, which provides rehabilitation and nursing services to patients who require either short- or long-term nursing care following hospitalization, operates facilities in Queens, Pawling, Poughkeepsie, Guilderland, Chittenango, Utica and Rome, N.Y.

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